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Spiral Security Advisors LLC is a premier vCISO Risk Management services consulting firm committed to securing the posture of its Financial, Healthcare, Legal and Software Development clientele. With a thorough understanding of technology and advanced risk management based strategies, Spiral Security Advisors builds tailored, enduring strategies to apply to Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability and of information resources, and also offers cost-friendly options for achieving their strategic goals. 

vCISO - Risk Management Services

The expertise and capabilities of a traditional CISO without the expenses associated with a full-time executive role. A vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) will develop and implement security strategies, ensuring your compliance with regulations, educating and training staff on best security practices, and managing incident responses. 

Through a Compliance Readiness Audit the organization will be assessed to determine current compliance with industry standards, internal policies, laws, regulations and other applicable requirements. As one of our risk management services, any gaps, or areas of non-compliance will be identified within the organization’s processes, practices, and systems. Audit findings and recommendations will guide the organization through corrective actions, implementing necessary change, and ensuring compliance with industry requirements.

Compliance Readiness Audit

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment proactively identifies and addresses existing and potential vulnerabilities and threats to information systems, networks, and digital assets. A risk assessment provides valuable insight, assessing cybersecurity breaches’ or incidents’ potential impact and likelihood. As one of our risk management services, it allows informed, strategic decisions to be made, including resource allocation to ensure appropriate cybersecurity measures are in place to maintain business continuity and protect sensitive data.

With an investment in Security Awareness Training, there will be a significant reduction in the likelihood of security incidents caused by human error and lack of knowledge. The organization’s team members will be educated on potential security threats, best practices, and proper protocol to reduce the risk of security incidents and protect sensitive data and information. Awareness will be raised and a culture of security will be promoted among employees, contractors, and other stakeholders. The organization’s overall security posture will be strengthened, and a more resilient and secure environment will be created for sensitive information and digital assets.

Security Awareness Training

Risk Management Services from Spiral Security Advisors

We’re ready to help you create and implement a roadmap, and manage the corrrect plan for your organization’s cyber security, privacy and compliance. Contact us to find out how.